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Travelers Insurance

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The Insurance Loft is dedicated to offering the perfect insurance solution for every client’s unique lifestyle. So, when the worst in life does occur, the right protection is in place. To accomplish this goal, The Insurance Loft has conducted strenuous independent research into the insurance market. Forming key partnerships with only the most reliable and trustworthy insurance companies. Companies like Travelers.


The red umbrella! The story of Travelers is really the history of two companies. St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company and The Travelers Insurance Company. With histories dating back over 150 years, 2004 marked the year two of America’s oldest and most respected insurers joined forces. Cited for covering some of America’s great disasters and becoming the first to offer coverage for aerial transportation and space flights, Travelers is an institution in the insurance industry.

A Closer Look

With such deep insurance roots, it is no surprise that Travelers has insurance down to a science. With approximately 30,000 employees, Travelers has built a company of stability and reliability. It utilizes cutting-edge technology platforms and innovative risk control techniques to ensure each customer receives insurance specific to their needs. This approach allows for a genuine concern and dedication to each customer’s well-being!  

The Partnership

For The Insurance Loft, partnering with a company like Travelers is an easy decision. Travelers is the very definition of insurance and they have helped shape the insurance industry into what it is today. Constantly striving to improve, Travelers continues to be one of the most responsive and caring insurance companies in the country.

By obtaining a Travelers Insurance package from a dedicated agent at The Insurance Loft, clients can rest easy knowing they have one of the most stable and reliable insurance packages available.